Wedding Photographer, Dublin Ireland.

Sharon has loved photography since she was a child.  She owned many compact cameras as a child until she bought her first 35mm slr camera, a legendary Minolta 7000, with one of her first pay cheques in 1994. She still owns this camera today, although it stopped working after being dropped shortly after her firstborn son became a toddler. These two events are not coincidental.

“I have a passion for wedding photography because it has so much more meaning than other forms of photography.  (Alongside child photography).  It is an emotional and beautiful day for the bride and groom.  I am drawn to capturing that emotion for them, and giving them something wonderful to remember it by.  I have always been interested in people’s faces.  Enabling someone’s “best side” to be captured by a camera, especially on such a significant day, is a challenge I always set myself. ”

As a wedding photographer, I feel privileged to be part of such a big day.  I enjoy being part of the celebration.  After all, what could be more exciting that the start of a man and woman’s journey together?

Sharon started her wedding photography journey in Johannesburg, South Africa, but has now moved with her family to the amazingly beautiful Emerald Isle.