When do I pay the deposit, and when is the rest of the money due?

The deposit needs to be paid asap in order to book the date, whilst the rest of the money can be paid any time before the wedding, or in cash on the wedding day before the photo session starts.

Will the digital photos I get, be printable?

Yes, all the photos you get are high resolution, suitable for printing and enlarging.

What if I want you to do prints?

Let me know the sizes and quantity and I can give you a quote.

What kind of photo processing do you do?

First I do the basics, sharpening, color correction etc, then I enhance every photo with contrast effects, some also get done in black and white etc. (you get both) On the odd occasion I will do a slight skin smoothing if pores are visible in a close up shot, but I prefer to keep things natural. Obviously any spots/blemishes will be banished!!!